Print Power to Publish Special Edition for drupa 2016

In addition to being a launch pad for new products or applications for the print and crossmedia industries, drupa is also an effective global platform and industry focal point for important initiatives. Print Power is a dynamic and successful campaign which plays a vital role in communicating the effectiveness of print media to brand owners, advertising and media agencies. It has attained a high profile and wide-spread support from the sectors which drupa serves and the relationship between the aims and values of drupa and the objectives of Print Power has provided an opportunity for co-operation. 

The Print Power message is supported by a bi-annual print and digital magazine, ‘Print Power’; drupa and Print Power have combined to produce a special drupa edition, with unique drupa content, which will be available during the show on the International Trade Press Stand, in the VIP lounge and delivered to every exhibitor. 

Print Power – the Ethos and the Impact 
Promoting the power of print with key facts, case studies and content is a keystone to Print Power’s mission, and objective, to show the importance and added value that print media offers within the communication mix of media choices today. 

Marketers are increasingly seeing print as a highly effective medium that provides the end user with an engaging and effective experience. One of print media’s leading qualities is its ability to demand the full attention of the reader with fewer distractions. The physical quality of print, the wider choices of specialist paper and unique surface finishes have meant print is increasing in its overall effectiveness. And the combination of print with other media can deliver an integrated campaign with greater visual, tactile and informational values than individual channels can convey. 

Whether it is magazines or newspaper advertising, direct mail, door drop, catalogues or customer magazines, each format has its own distinct set of qualities, as well as the ability to integrate with other channels. Print Power’s approach is based solely on presenting research and facts to marketing professional of the true value of print. In this way, Print Power aims to realise the potential of print media as an effective, results-driven communication channel. 

‘The drupa cube’ and Print Power 
The Print Power message will be further in evidence at a presentation in the drupa ‘cube’ theatre on Monday 6 June at 3pm when Ulbe Jelluma, Print Power Marketing Manager and former Managing Director of the BBDO advertising agency, will talk on ‘Winning Customer Attention and Trust in the Multi-Channel World’. For details drupa cube. 

Print Power Magazine 
The Print Power magazine focuses on how successful brands have used print media effectively within their marketing campaigns. The magazine is carefully targeted at influential media and marketing professionals who make daily decisions as to which media channel, or which combination of media channels, will work for them for maximum impact and effectiveness. The magazine brings its target audience factual case studies, views of respected thought leaders within the industry and a wealth of well-structured and informative content about print marketing. Copies of the Print Power Magazine can be ordered via email ([email protected]). 

For more information the main Print Power English-language website is (other languages are catered for). Central to the website is the Case Study Platform ( which contains compelling case studies of brands that have used print media in their marketing campaigns, across all key print channels from direct mail to customer magazines. 

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