MEDICA & COMPAMED take to starting blocks: medical professionals from all over world meet in Düsseldorf

MEDICA and COMPAMED take to the starting blocks: medical professionals from all over the world meet in Düsseldorf


From Monday until Thursday (13 – 16 November 2017), medical professionals from practices, hospitals, the research, industrial and specialist trade sectors will unite once more at their central meeting point in Düsseldorf. They will come to usher in the opening of MEDICA, the world’s biggest trade fair, and COMPAMED, the leading international specialist supplier trade fair. MEDICA is one of the ten largest trade fairs worldwide and across all industry sectors. 5,115 exhibitors from 66 nations will participate in MEDICA 2017, whilst COMPAMED will draw 783 exhibitors from 35 countries. Both events are thus perfectly in-line with our booking profits from the previous year. This means that all of the halls in the Düsseldorf exhibition grounds will be fully occupied, and COMPAMED will occupy Halls 8a and 8b.

MEDICA and COMPAMED’s union is completely unique as they are the only event in the world to show the whole process chain and the whole range of medical products, devices and instruments on offer – from development and manufacturing to marketing and after-sales service in practices and clinics. We are increasingly seeing more medical applications for smartphones, tablets and wearables coming onto the market.

An intelligent plaster that monitors the wound healing process by measuring temperature can be found among the new products at MEDICA 2017. Anomalies are immediately communicated to the patient or doctor via app. Medical applications based on ‘virtual reality’ (VR) and ‘augmented reality’ (AR) have also shown advancement. One of these is the ‘3D-ARILE’ AR system for surgery that projects the precise location of lymph nodes on data goggles worn during surgical interventions and so provides valuable assistance for operations on tumours. An innovative piece of physiotherapy equipment that patients recline on while wearing a pair of VR goggles that project a flight through a mountain landscape for the viewer whilst the unit makes the corresponding therapeutic movements will also be premièred at MEDICA.

The MEDICA forums that are integrated into the specialist trade fair and their accompanying conferences will focus on how the latest high-tech systems can be used to their best advantage within clinics and practice routines and how they can best be used for interpreting imaging.


The MEDICA ACADEMY, which takes on the heavy topics in medical practice, constitutes a new program highlight here. This will include, for example, updates on imaging procedures, modern surgical procedures and an ultrasound refresher course. Two hot topics that happen to pop up on the MEDICA ACADEMY’s agenda are handing over a practice and setting up a business: a seminar will be given on these.


The MEDICA LABMED FORUM (in Hall 18) will also celebrate its premier with four focus days on various topics that are currently captivating the laboratory medicine sector (screening tests for cancer and innovative diagnostic tools for diabetes constitute two examples here).


In parallel to MEDICA, the technology solutions and services that suppliers offer for the medical technology industry will be the main focus at the COMPAMED 2017. They have a huge range of offers and services which spans the materials sector, responses to queries relating to product technology, a wide variety of components and parts and aspects of quality control as well as complete contract manufacturing.


The discussions and trade options that MEDICA and COMPAMED offer are intended for a professional audience rather than patients and their family and friends.


Information on both events, as well as the topics covered and time schedules for the accompanying programmes, can be viewed online at: /


Dates and opening times: 13 – 16 November; 10.00 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.


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