GDS – 10 to 12 February 2016 – presents “Digital Craft #2”

GDS – Global Destination for Shoes & Accessories

10 to 12 February 2016

Highlight Route presents “Digital Craft #2”
The GDS Highlight Route once again has exciting insights into the world of technology 4.0 in store under the heading “Digital Craft #2”. Digital and virtual solutions as well as smart shop modules and changing rooms for bricks and mortar retail will be presented along the Highlight Route for visitors to experience. New technologies for the point of sale, such as interactive solutions with touchscreens, barcode scanners and tablets, will be showcased here by professionals.
SLEM, the international innovation and education institute headquartered in the Netherlands, once again offers an overview of future technology trends at GDS. Three “Living Labs” will be presented. The first “Lab” is an interactive Trend Forum for shoes, materials and health technologies of the future. The second “Lab” will be staged by SLEM’s Master of Footwear Innovation students. Interested parties will be involved here in the innovative research work that ranges from alternative leather production in biolabs and 3D printing of soles on textiles through to other sustainable leather finishing. SLEM is known for its international SLEMinars; innovative conferences where the latest insights and technologies for the shoe industry are presented. A top theme at the next SLEMinar on 19 April 2016 reads: Sustainable Shoe Materials and Wearables. In the third “Lab”, in smaller SLEMinar series, visitors to GDS will be given preview of the SLEMinar on 19 April.

More information here…PM_Digital Craft #2 GB