Energy Storage Europe: Trade fair halls premiere with visitor & exhibitor record

Energy Storage Europe: Trade fair halls premiere with a visitor and exhibitor record

Having expanded to include 160 exhibitors and with a 35 percentage increase in its total number of visitors, this year’s Energy Storage Europe trade fair and conference came to a successful conclusion. A further increase of professional visitors confirmed the interest of the industry as an event amongst professionals from the energy sector as well as the worlds of industry and trade. The trade fair was already fully booked last year and moved from the Messe Düsseldorf Conference Centre (CCD Süd) to its own hall for the first time. This allowed the exhibition to increase to over 2.000 square meters.

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Hannelore Kraft, Premier of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia: “North Rhine-Westphalia is a strong advocate for the development of a storage strategy at the federal level to ensure rapid and harmonized expansion of storage plants, renewables and grids. Our goal must be to integrate a storage strategy into the highly complex system that is composed of electricity market design, the Renewable Energy Sources Act, grid reserves and grid charges.”

Hans Werner Reinhard, Managing Director of Messe Düsseldorf: “The Energy Storage Europe event has ultimately changed from being a specialist conference to the leading cross-sector trade fair. This year we have achieved a new record in terms of the exhibitors, visitors and international participants and at the same staying loyal to our B2B focus. With this, Energy Storage Europe remains the leading trade fair for exhibitors when it comes to deal-making.”

A unique selling point of the trade fair is the wide range of storage technology which is represented, from battery storage systems to thermal and mechanical storage units, right up to power-to-x: “A few years ago, the stands focusing on hydrogen were still the exception – this year, there were more than 10 exhibitors focusing on power-to-gas solutions at Energy Storage Europe. The presence of companies like Nel Hydrogen from Norway also demonstrates that the trade fair is of international importance,” describes Dr. Johannes Töpler, Deputy Chairman of the German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association.

“The atmosphere at this year’s Energy Storage Europe reflects the professional and dynamic nature of the energy storage sector. Exhibitors are in continuous discussions with the customers from all over the world. In order to enter the market, the only thing that is lacking, is the rapid implementation of the signals being given by the German and European political levels,” explained Urban Windelen, Director of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES) during his tour of the trade fair.

The Conferences including the 6th Energy Storage Conference (ESE) of Messe Düsseldorf and the 11th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2017) concluded very successfully with an additional increase in visitor numbers. Prof. Dirk Uwe Sauer, ISEA RWTH Aachen, Chairman of the IRES conference: “Those visiting IRES value the fact that with more than 200 contributions, the conference provides unique insights into both the range of the technologies as well as the scientific depth in every area of energy storage. The scientific variety and quality of IRES is supplemented superbly by the practical examples at the trade fair, which demonstrate how research and development are transferred to the market.”

About Energy Storage Europe 2017 | exhibition grounds Düsseldorf
Energy Storage Europe 2017 is the trade fair with the world’s largest conference programme on energy storage. The conferences include the 6th Energy Storage Conference (ESE) of Messe Düsseldorf and the 11th International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2017) of EUROSOLAR e.V. The focal points are economy and finance (ESE) as well as science and social policy (IRES). At the same time, the side events, the 6th OTTI Conference Power-to-Gas and the 11th Storage Day, will take place on the exhibition grounds in Düsseldorf. Compared to the previous year, Energy Storage Europe 2017 grew by 35 per cent to more than 4.200 visitors from over 55 countries. Around 160 exhibitors presented themselves.

The 7th edition of Energy Storage Europe will take place from March 13 – 15, 2018 here in Düsseldorf.

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