drupa Global Insights study “The Impact of the Internet on Print – The digital flood”: Out in October 2014

First results of the “drupa Global Insights“ study:

  • Changing demand for print but strong opportunities for growth remain
  • Success of mass customisation of print
  • Increasing adoption of interactive print in packaging

Out in October 2014: Global study “The Impact of the Internet on Print – The digital flood”

The first results of the “drupa Global Insights” report on “The Impact of the Internet on Print – The digital flood” are now out. They illustrate how many Internet-enabled tools such as web-to-print, variable data printing, interactive print such as Augmented Reality and QR codes and smart technologies such as printed electronics, will impact on most areas of the printing industry. Print service providers and the supplier industry on the one hand and their customers on the other are being compelled to deal with new challenges and opportunities. Werner M. Dornscheidt, President and CEO of Messe Düsseldorf, underlines the relevance of the drupa study: “With its detailed analysis of the global markets and the overview of current trends, the “drupa Global Insights“ report is an important contribution to strategic decisions that need to be taken by printers and suppliers alike “. In spring 2014, about 1,100 international key executives from the printing industry took part in the on-line survey and many participants provided very informative examples from their business environment.


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